Screens and filter elements are manufactured by injection molding: Either a plastic or metal mesh is placed in the mold and overmolded with plastic.

This is a high quality and low cost solution for serial production.

Screen Filters for Various Drinking Water Applications 

Stainless steel mesh and plastics approved for drinking water (for example according to KTW, WRAS, etc.) are used for dirt strainers and fine filters in the drinking water sector, mainly POM, POM-GF30, PP, PP-GF30, TPE.

Filter Elements for Hydraulic Applications

Due to the required hydraulic oil resistance, PES/PET fabrics and injection moldings made of PA6-GF25 or PA66-GF30 are mainly used. For higher temperatures or pressures, calendered stainless steel mesh is also used.

Filling Filters for Tanks and Containers

Depending on the application, PA66, PE/PES or stainless steel meshes are used, while PA6-GF25 or PA66-GF30 are usually used as the body material. For special liquids such as DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), POM is used due to its better resistance to urea.

Assemblies with Filter Screens

It is also possible to assemble seals and/or other components such as valves, flaps and springs onto our filter screens to form small assemblies. When joining plastic parts, clip connections are used most often.