Gaskets and Seals

Seals and technical molded parts made of special elastomers are manufactured using both injection molding and classic compression molding processes. The molds are designed according to the respective application. This allows us to implement individual customer requirements.

Two Component Seals

Our rubber-steel gaskets are traditionally used in the engine and transmission applications, often with the elastomer FKM/FPM.

For a special application in the pharmaceutical industry, a sealing lip made of peroxide-crosslinked EPDM is vulcanized onto polished stainless steel.

Frame Seals, Diaphragms
and Bellows

We supply molded seals and specialized elastomer components made of special compounds based on ACM/AEM, NBR/HNBR and FKM/FPM for various hydraulic applications in mechanical engineering.

Sealing Rings made of Gray Cast Iron and High Performance Plastics

We specialize in R-Rings SH according to DIN34109/DIN34110/DIN34118. In addition to the hook joint (SH), we primarily supply with straight joint, overlapped joint (SU) or gas-tight resp. roller joint (SG or SW).

As high-performance plastics, we predominantly use PTFE with various fillers such as bronze, glass fiber or carbon. For special applications we also offer sealing rings made of PAI or PEEK. 

Gasket Kits for Automatic Transmissions

We produce gasket kits for the independent aftermarket. We focus on torque converter transmissions of the German manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and ZF (here especially Audi, BMW and Volkswagen).